Welcome Letter

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 23rd class of the National Academy of Finance Honors Magnet Program at William R. Boone High School. Our program is steeped in a tradition of excellence and our students are amongst the top students in the nation each year. As you move throughout this website, you will quickly notice that the past few years have been filled with outstanding accomplishments by our students. With the start of school upon us, there are several informational points that I would like to share with you. They are:

  • Professional Dress – Professional dress will not be required the first week of school. During week 1, we will review dress requirements for the Academy of Finance; which are different from the Academies of Law & Criminal Justice. Professional dress will begin the second Wednesday of school. 
  • Aplia Online Homework Application – For the freshmen accounting class, students will incur a $20 fee for their Aplia account. This is a special business application that many universities from around the country utilize. Beginning the second day of school, I will accept payment for the online service and will provide each student with a receipt. Your child can pay for their account by either using cash or a check made payable to Boone High School.
  • Materials/Supplies/etc. – It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that they are prepared for class each day. Other than the usual supplies (paper without perforated edges, blue & black pens, pencils, 2 folders and a standard calculator), nothing special is required. As for the software that your child will be primarily using inside the classroom, our computer lab is equipped with the Windows 2010 Office format.
  • Class Schedule – While I cannot tell each student their schedule at this time, I can share with you that your child will be in their accounting class during 1st period.
  • Student Texts – In any given year, many of the students elect to purchase their text for class so that they can take notes in the margins and highlight the material that is presented in class. Within the AOF, each course uses a college text that would be found in a typical business school. As such, these texts can be purchased either new or used online at such places like half.com and amazon.com. Please understand that the texts can be expensive and this is strictly optional; a text will be provided for your child during the first week of school at no cost. However, the books are brand new this year and no writing or highlighting will be allowed. If this option interests you, the text that we will be using is:

Financial Accounting, 12th Edition


ISBN10: 0-538-47851-9, ISBN13: 978-0-538-47851-9

*You may be able to find the 11th edition of this very text at highly reduced prices. The 11th edition is also recommended as the texts are nearly identical.

The Academy of Finance’s mission has always been to prepare its students for college. In fact, everything that we do is meant to mirror that of a college environment. Through feedback from our graduates and the many stakeholders that we are affiliated with, we have been very successful since program inception 23 years ago. I look forward to welcoming your child into the AOF and spending the next four years challenging them to grow both as a student and individual. It will be a wonderful journey for your son or daughter; one that I cannot wait to get started on. If you have any questions, my email is william.daniel@ocps.net.