Project InVEST

Career as an Indpendent Agent Presentation – /./2015-career-as-independent-agent.pptx

“Is it Covered?” – ./is-it-covered-or-not56.pptx

InVEST National Website –

Managing Financial Risks with Insurance –

Teen Drivers: Get the Facts –

ASSIGNED READING – Using the InVEST Automobile and Home Insurance Workbook, which is the third link below, ALL students are to read chapters 1,2,3,4 & 6 for this year’s InVEST experience. This constitutes approximately 38 pages of reading. 

Auto Insurance Pretest – ./Auto Insurance Introduction.ppt

Auto Insurance Notes –./AUTO INSURANCE.doc

InVEST Automobile and Home Insurance Workbook – ./Personal_Auto__Student_Textbook.pdf

Resume Packet – ./RESUME PACKET.doc

Cover Letter Example./Cover Letter Sample 2.docx

Elevator Speech Rubric – ./Elevator Speech Rubric.docx

Resume Series Templates & Worksheets  – ./Resume Series Templates.pdf

UF MSF Student Resumes

Job Application – ./Job Application InVEST.doc

Interview Guide –  ./Interview Guide.docw