Buying My 1st Vehicle

Auto Notes ./AUTO NOTES 2017.doc

Auto Spreadsheet Example – Notes ./NEW CAR EXAMPLE SPREADSHEET CROSSTREK.xls

Life’s Calling – What Would You Do? ./LIFEscalling.doc

2019 Auto Project Master Template./2017 CAR PROJECT MASTER TEMPLATE.xls

2019 Auto Project Assignment Sheet./2020 BUYING YOUR FIRST VEHICLE 2.doc

EDMUNDS ASSIGNED READINGS:1. Where Does the Car Dealer Make Money?

2. Comparing Car Costs:  Buy New,  Buy Used or Lease?

3. How to Use New-Car Incentives and Rebates

4. Negotiating a Dealer’s New-Car Add-Ons

5. Secrets of a Professional Negotiator

6. How Much Car Can You Afford?

7. Five Questions to Ask Before You Say Yes to an Extended Warranty

8. The 11 Biggest Mistakes Car Shoppers Make

9. How to Read a New Car Window Sticker

10. Dealer Holdback